Annex 83 News

Newsletter [April 2022]

4th Annex 83 working meeting

On 28th and 29th of April another working meeting took place online. Each subtask was working on defining topics and discussing doings for Annex 83 World Cafe event happening in July in Bolzano. Additionally, this was a to do list for each of the subtask:

  • Subtask A: Outline how to proceed with the finalization of the Draft framework of KPIs activity, PED scoping definition and the PED archetypes definition;
  • Subtask B: Develop timings and discuss a workplan to close activities B1.1, B1.2, B.21, finalize and plan the inter-subtask workshop; 
  • Subtask C: Develop and finalize a plan for the framework activities, literature review activities finalization; 
  • Subtask D: Outline how to proceed with collaboration with COST action PED-EU-NET/ JPI Urban Europe and with the inclusion of non-EU PED experiences, finalization and diffusion of the database and development of further dissemination activities, further development of the PED guidelines. As part of it, STD organised an expert meeting with focus on experiences with PEDs and PEDs Database (a collaboration with Cost Action PED-EU-NET). Participants took part in the working activity based on miro board, where they collected PED case studies examples and discussed the technologies. 

On Friday 29th, there were 4 external experts giving presentations in regards to PED in Asia: decarbonization policies and case-studies:

  • Zero carbon cities in Japan: current strategies and future challenges by Fernando Ortiz Montoya - Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)  
  • An Overview of Contemporary Japanese Decarbonization Policies by Emma Saraff - Eu-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation  
  • Net-positive Energy Buildings – an NUS-SDE Case Study by Khee Poh Lam, - Director of the Centre for Liveable Cities Ltd., Singapore, 
  • Low- and net-zero carbon city initiatives in China: energy transition, spatial planning, and the others by Bo Qin - Renmin University of China 

​​​​​​​Next Annex 83 working meeting

The next Annex 83 meeting is planned to be organised in September. If COVID situation allows it will be held in person in Finland! Updates on that will be send out by email.


Subtask A and Subtask C had a meeting to explore the possibility of interlinked cooperation focused on the establishment of a common PED framework for future activities and sustainability assessments.

Special Issue 

Annex83 have following special issues ongoing:

SSPCR - Paper submission

We encourage everyone to submit papers for the SSPCR 2022 conference! 

For more information please visit this link:

Asking for contribution to the guidelines collection 

Subtask D is in a process of collecting PED-related guidelines, in regards to conceptualization, design, implementation, evaluation, monitoring of Positive Energy Districts, Positive Energy Neighbourhoods, Near ZeroEnergy Districts, NearlyZeroEnergyBuilding, Zero Energy Building, Zero Energy Districts , Positive Energy Building, Smart Energy Cities, Climate Neutral Cities, Ecodistricts and in general related to Sustainable development of built environment. Link to the form:

Share it with your network on LinkedIn and Twitter 



Submit a paper to Special Issue

On 25 March, we invite you to submit a paper to our Special Issue “Advanced Energy Systems in Zero/Positive Energy Buildings, Communities and Districts”, which will be published in Energies. I kindly ask whether you still have an interest in submitting it.

As an invited paper, the editorial office will offer you an 1100 CHF discount voucher from the Article Processing Charge (APC) CHF 2200 if you could submit your paper before 30 March 2023. There are a limited number of discount vouchers available which will be given to the first papers that will be accepted. Please ask us for the discount voucher in the email or during submission of the article. Please also note that you need to be the corresponding author or the first author if you would like to use the discount.

For more information of the Special Issue:

If you wish to check the fit of your manuscript for this Issue prior to submission, you are welcome to send a tentative title and abstract to our Assistant Editor April Liu ( and you will receive feedback shortly.

Newsletter [March 2022]

Subtask A leads 2 to 3 papers to the SSPCR 2022 conference:

  • Development of archetypes for positive energy districts: concept and key characteristics,
  • An in-depth learning of positive energy districts (PED) for their characterization by word embedding methods.

Subtask B

  • Plans and organises case studies for PED’s,
  • Works on concept for urban data management to harmonize case studies,
  • Access and documents energy system component catalogue.

Subtask A and Subtask C are organizing a special issue on ‘Buildings’ Journal: "Planning and Implementing Positive Energy Districts from Concept to Practice (
This Special Issue is in collaboration with the International Conference on "Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions - SSPCR 2022", and the session "Planning and Implementing Positive Energy Districts from Concept to Practice: Mapping of Characteristics, Technologies, Stakeholders, Methods and Processes" (

Subtask C 
Alongside the SSPCR conference, a “PED day” as a pre-conference event is going to take place on 19th July. The joint workshop is organized by the ANNEX 83 and the SMARTBEEJS project

Abstract submission for the session "Towards a sustainability assessment of Positive Energy Districts" is open until 8th, April, at the link

Subtask D

The COST Action PED-EU-NET, IEA Annex 83 and JPI Urban Europe PED programme organized a joint workshop on PEDs-Database on 8th of March 2022. The goal was to introduce and discuss the structure of the upcoming collaborative PED Database. This database will be based on the collection of a variety of PED experiences by the researchers of the three initiatives. One of the main outputs of the workshop was the difficulty to find representatives of non-European PEDs. Annex83 took over the role of collecting non-European PEDs experiences and fill this gap.

New publication
Hassam ur Rehman; Ala Hasan; Francesco Reda. Challenges in reaching positive energy building level in apartment buildings in the Nordic climate: A techno-economic analysis. Energy & Buildings. (2022), 262, 111991, doi:10.1016/J.ENBUILD.2022.111991.

Newsletter [February 2022]

Subtask C organises a Special Session for the SSPCR 2022 Conference

The session “Towards a sustainability assessment of Positive Energy Districts: methodologies, case studies and applications” aims at tackling the main aspects of sustainability assessment of Positive Energy Districts with a focus on case studies modelling and simulation. A workshop will be organized and hosted within SSPCR 2022 to share experiences and lessons learnt within the activities of the Annex 83 “Positive Energy Districts”.

The call for abstract is open until 14th of March.

The link to the session is:

Subtask D organises a joint workshop on creation of PED database
The joint workshop with CA PED-EU-NET will focus on collecting information of PED experiences and create a PED database. The purpose of this workshop is to validate the list of input parameters and expose the format and structure of the PED database, as well as the procedures to internally operate in a coordinated way, calling for Annex83 collaborators to participate in the PED examples collection phase.

The workshop is going to take place online, on 8th of March at 9 am.

Austrian Annex83 Kick off 
The Austrian Annex83 under the lead of AIT had a kick off on 17th of February, with representatives from AIT, University of Innsbruck, Joanneum research and AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies. It focused on collaboration between subtasks specially between ST-C and ST-D.

PhD Summer School

We are happy to announce that the PhD Summer school organized by the Annex 83 will take place in July (1st-8th) later this year and will be held at Concordia University in Montreal. 

To our students interested in participating: please check how to register here: Annex 83 Ph.D. Summer School. Please notice that registration is available until April 15th (or until the students registration limit is met).

Newsletter [January 2022]

Subtask A and B will organise a joint Special Session for the SSPCR 2022 Conference
The session entitled 'Planning and Implementing Positive Energy Districts from Concept to Practice: Mapping of Characteristics, Technologies, Stakeholders, Methods and Processes' aims to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners working on the definition, planning and implementation of positive energy districts and climate neutral cities to share thoughts and exchange experiences.
The call for abstracts is open until 14 March 2022, further information can be found on the website: energy-districts-from-concept-to-practice/

Subtask A
The next ST-A Members Meeting will take place in February 2022, more information about the meeting date and agenda will be announced shortly.

Subtask C
Rosaria Volpe is a new co-leader of the Subtask C. 

Subtask D
Shokufeh Zamini (AIT) and Matthias Haase (ZHAW) will replace Hans-Martin (AIT) and Niki Gaitani (NTNU) in the co-lead of Subtask D in collaboration with Sergio Diaz de Garayo (CENER). Additionally, we want to recognise the role of Daniele Vettorato as PED Networking Ambassador. 

One upcoming workshop will share with the rest of Subtask leaders the results of the ON-LINE form that will be used to collect information of PED experiences and create a PED database.

Newsletter [December 2021]

Subtask B
Is planning many activities for the upcoming year. First of all, a workshop on case studies will be held in March 2022 (jointly with other subtasks), in which the concept of different case studies, data availability and, (possibly) the energy system model and assumptions will be presented. The outcome of the workshop will be to develop a series of PED use cases that are representative enough for the Annex 83 and that will be modelled in the next months by Subtask B. In the 23rd of June an Annex 83 energy systems data and modelling course will be organised by Concordia University in Montreal, using the results of the workshops and subtask B colleagues and studies. Furthermore, a session for the Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions – SSPCR 2022 will be organised on the topic “Energy systems, Modeling and Control for Positive Energy Districts”.

Subtask C
is organizing a special session at the Smart and Sustainable Planning for cities and regions (SSPCR) conference in Bozen next July. The title of the session is "Towards a sustainability assessment of Positive Energy Districts: methodologies, case studies and applications". The topics of the session will include - among the others - Positive Energy Districts modelling and simulation aimed at decarbonization, analyses of good practices to achieve sustainability objectives, sustainability assessment frameworks and key performance indicators, sustainability assessment methodologies with a focus on environmental, economic and social impacts.

Subtask D
After completing the scoping phase of Subtask D1, the framework for data collection is being carried out in collaboration with the COST Action (CA19126 – Positive Energy Districts European Network) and JPI Urban Europe. The original template elaborated out of the specific requests of Subtasks A, B and C, has been merged with the COST Action and JPI Urban Europe data collection plans, and the resulting on-line form will be ready by mid-January of next year. The final version of this form will be presented to the Subtask A, B and C leaders to get their final approval and start the data collection phase.

New section on website
We created a new section on our website dedicated to multimedia It is a place where we want to upload input from meetings and other events organised by subtasks. Therefore, we encourage you to share with us interesting content that may be of interest to other participants.

And as always, for further updates we invite you to regularly visit this page.

Newsletter [November 2021]

Last Subtask C group meeting
The last Subtask C group meeting took place on the 15th of November. The framework definition for the economic, environmental and social perspective for Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) was kicked off, aiming at the definition of an interdisciplinary approach towards sustainability assessments of PEDs. - The writing of the "State of the art on sustainability assessment of PEDs report" is ongoing and will foresee further developments in the next few months. - Three different journal papers have been identified and will be prepared within Subtask C in the next few months."

Update from Subtask A
PhD student Reza Fachrizal, from Uppsala University in Sweden, gave a presentation about how to evaluate PED qualitatively. The title of the presentation was 'Self-consumptionsufficiency balance (SCSB): An index to quantify the grid independence of local energy systems'.

The next subtask A member meeting is planned in the end of January 2022.

New publication
Marotta I, Guarino F, Longo S, Cellura M. "Environmental Sustainability Approaches and Positive Energy Districts: A Literature Review". Sustainability. 2021; 13(23):13063. (developed within Subtask C on environmental sustainability of Positive Energy Districts).

Call for PEDs/PEDs candidate cases
We are organizing the 'PED day' in the Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions- SSPCR 2022 (, therefore we call for the PED cases to participate in this joint sessions. Please submit your PED cases to investigate possible "PED/or PED candidates" cases for the SSPCR 2022 ( joint session. SEND YOUR CANDIDATE CASES to Ursula Eicker and Francesco Reda .

Newsletter [October 2021]

Online workshop “Positive energy districts performance assessment: methodologies, key performance indicators and future outlooks”
Subtask C and the EU SCC Monitoring & Evaluation task group co-organized the online workshop “Positive energy districts performance assessment: methodologies, key performance indicators and future outlooks” on the 22nd of October. The event aimed at sharing experience between the Annex and several other international PEDs initiatives on the topic of PED performance assessment. Around a hundred participants joined the vibrant discussion on current state and potential future development of PEDs.

Subtask B bi-monthly meeting was held on 28.10.2021

The meeting started by the following two presentations from other projects:
1. Integration of building flexibility into future energy systems (Academy of Finland project-FlexiB). Speakers Topi Rasku and Ala Hasan, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
2. MAKING-CITY PED technology tool for assisting cities on the PED decision making: Andrea Gabaldón and Beril Alpagut.

Team groups are created for preparing articles on design, flexibility and impact of PEDs.

There was discussion about preparation of Inter-Subtask Workshop on the preliminary results of activity B1: Mapping technical and system innovation solutions for PED.

New annex publications

  1. Tuerk, A.; Frieden, D.; Neumann, C.; Latanis, K.; Tsitsanis, A.; Kousouris, S.; Llorente, J.; Heimonen, I.; Reda, F.; Ala-Juusela, M.; Allaerts, K.; Caerts, C.; Schwarzl, T.; Ulbrich, M.; Stosch, A.; Ramschak, T. “Integrating Plus Energy Buildings and Districts with the EU Energy Community Framework: Regulatory Opportunities, Barriers and Technological Solutions”. Buildings 2021, 11, 468.
  2. Rehman, H.u.; Diriken, J.; Hasan, A.; Verbeke, S.; Reda, F. “Energy and Emission Implications of Electric Vehicles Integration with Nearly and Net Zero Energy Buildings”. Energies 2021, 14, 6990.

New project
ARTEMIS “An integrated approach to improve the environmental performance of smart cities” is a two-year Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie research project led by Eurac Research that aims to understand how smart city strategies can effectively improve the environmental performance of urban systems. The project will develop a novel environmental impact assessment framework, integrating urban metabolism and life-cycle assessment, and will propose KPIs to evaluate environmental impacts of smart city projects and strategies. The project will be carried out by Joana Bastos and Daniele Vettorato in collaboration with Prof. Leonardo Rosado from Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden).
More information: and

Newsletter [September 2021]

Biannual online Working Meeting
Annex 83 held its biannual online Working Meeting on 23 and 24 September. The meeting reviewed the status of progress in the four WPs of the Annex and plans for the next period. The programme also included a PED showcases session with four presentations from four countries and a PhD students session
with three students’ presentations.

You can find the meeting’s presentations in the Annex Teams under Meetings > 2021_09_WorkingMeeting and a record of the PhD session under PhD students meetings> PhD students presentations Sept 2021.

Note: The next Annex meeting is planned for 28 - 29 April 2022

Summer School 2022 
In the Annex meeting, ideas were discussed for arranging a Summer School for students in summer 2022. The summer school will be coordinated by Francesco Guarino Professors, teachers and students who are interested can contact Francesco Guarino for more information about the participation.

Workshop on Positive Energy Districts Performance Assessment
STA and STC are jointly organizing a Workshop on Positive Energy Districts Performance Assessment: Methodologies, Key Performance Indicators and Future Outlooks. The event will include presentations on the Annex work and discuss needs and potential of research on the workshop topics. The event will take place on the 22 October 14:00 - 16:00 CET (online). More information about the workshop will be circulated soon.

Newsletter [August 2021]

International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings SEB-21 | 15-17 September
Annex 83 is organising a special session (IS13: Positive Energy Districts) in the SEB-21. Here are titles and authors from the Annex papers:

  • A systematic approach towards mapping stakeholders in different phases of PED development – Extending the PED toolbox.
    Caroline Cheng, Vicky Albert-Seifried, Laura Aelenei, Han Vandevyvere, Oscar Seco, M. Nuria Sánchez, Mari Hukkalainen.
  • A preliminary analysis of the characterizations of positive energy districts.
    Xingxing Zhang, Santhan Reddy Penaka, Samhita Giriraj, Maria Nuria Sanchez, Paolo Civiero.
  • Fundamentals of energy modelling for Positive Energy Districts.
    Luigi Bottecchia, Andrea Gabaldón, Tony Castillo, Silvia Soutullo, Saeed Ranjbar, Ursula Eicker.
  • Reviewing challenges and limitations of energy modelling software in the assessment of PEDs using case studies.
    Alberto Belda, Emanuela Giancola, Karen Williams, Sanam Dabirian, Muhyiddine Jradi, Rosaria Volpe, Soroush Samareh Abolhassani, Alberto Fichera, Ursula Eicker. 
  • State of the art on sustainability assessment of Positive Energy Districts: methodologies, indicators and future perspectives.
    Francesco Guarino, Adriano Bisello, Dorian Frieden, Joana Bastos, Alberto Brunetti, Maurizio Cellura, Marco Ferraro , Alberto Fichera, Emanuela Giancola, Matthias Haase, Julia Kantorovitch, Camilla Neumann, Rose Mankaa, Ivan Luque Segura, Marzia Traverso, Giovanni Tumminia, Rosaria Volpe, Xiaojin Zhang.
  • Sustainable Development Goals and performance measurement of Positive Energy Districts: a methodological approach.
    Maurizio Cellura, Alberto Fichera, Francesco Guarino, Rosaria Volpe.

Webinar 'Spine modelling tools' | 7-10 September 
4 days presentations for introduction and case examples of Spine energy system modelling tools

Newsletter [July 2021]

Upcoming workshop of PED initiatives hosted by EERA JPSC
Annex 83 is participating in the Workshop of PED initiatives on preliminary results: Towards a European PED definition. The workshop will be held on the 17th of September 2021, 10:00 – 12:00 CEST and is hosted by EERA JPSC. The workshop aims to discuss preliminary results of the alignment core group on PED definition and integrated approach and also discuss further PED definition process.

Update from Subtask B
In the bi-monthly meetings of Subtask B, members make presentations on urban data and energy modelling of PED to increase the collaboration between partners. In the last meeting on the 24th of June 2021, Subtask B had presentations on district heating networks from the University of Valladolid with a large monitoring data set available and from the University of Catania on agent based modelling.

In the next meeting on the 25th of August 14:00-16:00 CEST, the two following presentations are planned:

  • Xingxing Zhang “Digital Twin for Accelerating Sustainability in Positive Energy District: A Review of Simulation Tools and Applications”,
  • Ursula Eicker “Concepts for an automated workflow of district scale building and energy system modeling”. 

New Annex 83 publication
"Characterizing Positive Energy District (PED) through a Preliminary Review of 60 Existing Projects in Europe" Xingxing Zhang, Santhan R. Penaka, Samhita Giriraj, Maria N. Sánchez, Paolo Civiero, and Han Vandevyvere. 2021. Buildings 11, no. 8: 318.

Newsletter [June 2021]

Reporting Annex 83 in the IEA EBC ExCo meeting

Dr. Francesco Reda, the operating agent of Annex 83, made a presentation in the IEA EBC ExCo meeting on 17.6.2021 and reported the progress of the following work of the Annex:

  • the established Annex website, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
  • the PED invited session to be held in the International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings
  • the published articles by Annex 83
  • the Annex 2nd Working Meeting held in April 2021
  • the Annex 83 created PhD students network
  • the main achievements per each SubTask of the Annex.

The Annex progress was very well received by the ExCo supervising member.


Announcement of a workshop organised by Concordia University

Library workshop for Urban Platform: Use of data libraries and catalogue concepts for energy systems, occupancy, green roofs and other urban domains


Time: Monday, July 12, 2021, 9 to 11 AM EST

Workshop presenter: Kai Brassel, Hamburg/Germany

Participation link:


The goal of the workshop is to understand data modelling for urban scale applications and to implement such data models in catalogues. These catalogues could be a basis to share information with country specific performance and/or cost data.


Background reading: Kai Brassel  shared a tutorial that he wrote especially for domain experts: Kai (Guest): How to Create Parameter Catalogs for Simulations (posted in CERC NextGenCities Platform / Parameter Catalogs at 20. April 2021 19:30:35 MESZ).

NOTE: if you don’t have access to Concordia Teams, you can find it here as well:


The document gives some „historic“ context - IT and project wise - in chapter one. Second chapter, then, explains step-by-step how to practically start with data-modelling. Again, not all technicalities may be important for the first read, but at least you should digest, and ideally exercise, the chapter „How to Implement Parameter Catalogs with Eclipse“. In there you find further references on data modelling, and especially you should carefully look at the 18 slides about Object Oriented Modelling and Domain Models by Steve Easterbrook (University of Toronto,

Newsletter [May 2021]

Paper submissions for SEB21 Conference
The deadline for papers submission for the PED session of the SEB21 conference has been extended to the 16th of June! This will give us the chance to increase the Annex participation to the conference. However, do not wait until the last day and try to submit your paper according to the original schedule by the 4th of June.

Webinar on LowCarbon, Positive Energy Resilient Communities
There will be a webinar that will be held on October 12, 2021, 11:00 am 2:30 pm EST. This Webinar is related to the project: CAE Roadmap to Resilient Ultra-Low Energy Built Environment with Deep Integration of Renewables in 2050. More information at

Newsletter [April 2021]

Annex 83 new publication
“A techno-economic analysis of an optimal self-sufficient district” Ari Laitinen, Oscar Lindholm, Ala Hasan, Francesco Reda, Åsa Hedman.
Energy Conversion and Management. Volume 236, 15 May 2021, 114041.
Open access publication

Note: if you make a publication related to your contribution in Annex 83, please indicate the Annex in the Acknowledgment so that it can shown in the Annex publications news and on the webpage

Note: If you have a new publication and want it to be listed on Annex 83 website (, please send it by email to Anna Kozlowska (

Twitter @Annex83_IEA
rom now on Annex 83 has Twitter account @Annex83_IEA which we strongly suggest to follow. 

2nd Working Meeting [April 2021]

THE EBC Annex 83 held its second Working Meeting on 21st and 22nd of April 2021. Around 100 participants from 23 countries took part in several sessions held online. The subtask leaders shared the current status of their groups work and presented the next planned steps.

Since last Working Meeting, Subtask A worked on first version of ST-A data collection table. Subtask B organised two workshops, developed a first version of the PED cases technology review and created a repository for open-source database for PEDs. Subtask C presented the current status of the creation of the repository and informed about upcoming workshop on PED KPIs which will be held on 19-22 of October. Subtask D shared an update on demo case template creation and ongoing collection of PED guidelines. Additionally, all subtasks are working on publications. 

The next Working Meeting is planned for 23-24 of September 2021.

Newsletter [March 2021]

Next Working Meeting
The Working Meeting of the Annex will be on 21–22 April 2021. Please find the tentative agenda of the meeting from the following Teams link.

Annex 83 PhD students network
In order to create connection between PhD students who are participating in the Annex for collaboration in their research and publications, a survey has been initiated. PhD students are kindly asked to fill out their data from this Teams link indicating their name, email address, affiliation, country, tentative thesis title or main research filed, brief description about the PhD research, and in which subtask they are participating. Please note that there will be a special session (PhD Talk) on the 2nd day of the next Annex Working Meeting (22 April 2021), where some students can present the progress of their PhD research and can discuss with other students.

Session in the International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings
Annex 83 is arranging a special session (IS13: Positive Energy Districts) in the International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings SEB-21, 15-17 September 2021 Two papers from each subtask of the Annex are planned in this session. Deadline for submission is 4th June. 

Annex 83 publications
The first publication of the Annex has been published in Buildings Journal.
Title “IEA EBC Annex83 Positive Energy Districts”. Authors: Åsa Hedman, Hassam Ur Rehman, Andrea Gabaldón, Adriano Bisello, Vicky Albert-Seifried, Xingxing Zhang, Francesco Guarino, Steinar Grynning, Ursula Eicker, Hans-Martin Neumann, Pekka Tuominen and Francesco Reda. Buildings 2021, 11(3), 130.